(Updated June 18, 2020)


As always, our first and foremost concern at all times is the safety of our team and clients. With this in mind, there are many new initiatives we have implemented:

  • Our entire team will be wearing masks and we are requiring all clients to wear masks, preferably one that secures behind the ears. If you don’t have a mask, we can provide one to you for a nominal fee. Service providers will wear face shields during services that do not allow clients to wear a mask (i.e. makeup applications, facial treatments, facial waxing).

  • Upon your arrival, please come into the salon to check in. At that time, we will check your temperature with a no-touch thermometer and ask you to sign a release form. If your service provider is not ready to begin, you may be asked to wait in your vehicle. When your service provider is ready to begin, we will call you or a member of the team will come out to notify you.

  • We will refrain from shaking hands or hugging as much as possible.

  • Please do not bring any extra guests with you and please do not bring children to your appointment unless they are scheduled to receive a service.

  • To avoid frequent handling of retail items, please notify our Guest Services Team if they can assist you in selecting products to purchase.


All salons will be thoroughly sanitized at all times. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Salon stations, shampoo bowls and spa rooms will be completely sanitized between each service.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the salons and every appointment will begin with client and service provider sanitizing their hands.

  • Door handles, card machines, iPads, pens and front desk surface will be sanitized frequently.

  • We will use disposable capes as often as possible. If fabric capes must be used, they will be freshly laundered after each use.


REMINDER: If you have been ill or around someone who has been ill, we ask that you please wait at least 14 days before requesting an appointment time.


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